Alltoscan integrated Avax

2 min readAug 13, 2023

At Alltoscan, we are pleased to announce a major development. This week, we would like to introduce our new partnership with AVAX!

A New Beginning: Alltoscan & AVAX

Alltoscan has started a strategic cooperation with AVAX to better serve our users and support more blockchain networks. AVAX (Avalanche) is a multichain platform focused on high speed, low transaction fees and security. The scalable and fast nature of this platform enhances Alltoscan’s ability to provide better and more efficient services to its users.

Advantages of Our Partnership

This partnership represents the synergy of two strong technology companies coming together. AVAX’s scalability and speed advantages make the Alltoscan platform more accessible to a wider user base. At the same time, Alltoscan’s experience and technical expertise increases the potential to deliver a better multichain experience to AVAX users.

Thanks to this partnership, Alltoscan users can now more easily integrate into the AVAX ecosystem. This means both new opportunities and access to a wider blockchain network. AVAX users can also monitor, analyze and manage more data through the Alltoscan platform.

Steps Forward for the Future

With this new partnership, Alltoscan and AVAX have high hopes for the future. The complementarity of the two technology companies offers the opportunity to push the boundaries of blockchain technology. This will help us lay the foundation for a safer, more scalable and more user-friendly multichain future.

Together with you, our valued community, Alltoscan is embarking on this exciting journey. Stay tuned to learn more about the opportunities our partnership offers. We can’t wait to share the excitement!




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