Alltoscan Launched Epic Million Dollar Raffle!

2 min readAug 31


We will host one of the biggest raffle event of the year — a new year raffle with a whopping prize pool of $1,000,000 USDT. This is the biggest prize pool ever given away by the us, and yet another milestone putting us ahead of the game!

Participants from all around the world engaged in cryptocurrency trading will come together on the Alltoscan, but only 1000 tickets will make it to the leaderboard. All 1000 of these tickets will earn a share from the million-dollar prize pool, paid out in USDT.

Participating in the raffle is easy and the odds of winning are exciting. The raffle ticket is 100 ATS each and we pay $1000 per prize ticket. You can buy more than one ticket, and more than one ticket can be a prize.

If you are wondering what if there is no prize, don’t worry. If your name is not among the lucky ones, your ATSs are returned to the user’s wallet and you can use them freely whenever you want. 0 risk, big gain!

For all details, visit the website:

Any question? Join us at:

About Alltoscan

Alltoscan officially partners with BNB Chain, Avax, Unstoppable Domains, Solana Name Service, Freename, BR Group, Bitmedia and many more!

With Alltoscan there is no more waiting for earnings. Users can simply go to their wallet, press the withdrawal button, and the money will instantly be transferred to their account.

Alltoscan provides complete anonymity and does not retain participants’ personal information. There are no KYC requirements, minimum deposit, or minimum withdrawal limits at Alltoscan.




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