Alltoscan: Transforming Web3 Infrastructure through Decentralization

3 min readNov 9, 2023


Alltoscan, established in 2022, responds to the increasing demand for blockchain explorer services driven by the growth of blockchain technology. Originally focused on simplifying blockchain explorers, Alltoscan has evolved to become a crucial infrastructure provider for the Web3 movement.

Over the past year, Alltoscan has emerged as one of the top 20 blockchain explorers, gaining recognition as a key player in the multichain block explorer ecosystem. It supports multiple blockchains, allowing users to monitor wallet activities and transactions. Furthermore, it has partnered with prominent Web3 Domain providers, such as Unstoppable Domains, Bonfida SNS, Space ID, and Freename.

Multichain Infrastructure & Blockchain Challenges

Alltoscan recognizes the pivotal role of multichain infrastructure in the Web3 landscape. Success in Web3 relies on reliable node infrastructure, serving layer-1 blockchains, DeFi protocols, metaverses, NFT projects, and more. Alltoscan’s mission is clear: provide the essential API infrastructure that empowers Web3 development while adhering to the principles of decentralization. It functions as a foundational power grid for the burgeoning industries of DeFi, metaverse, and decentralized gaming.

Blockchain technology, with its principles of data storage, processing, ownership, and transparency, has fueled the growth of decentralized applications. Nonetheless, challenges related to scalability, speed, and security have constrained their reach to a wider user audience. Additionally, the complexity of blockchain technology presents a barrier to beginners, highlighting the need for blockchain explorers.

Alltoscan’s Multichain Block Explorer Solution

Alltoscan addresses these challenges by providing a multichain block explorer platform, offering users access to data across various blockchain networks. The objective is to establish a decentralized ecosystem founded on blockchain technology, offering swift, secure, and scalable solutions. Alltoscan aims to lead the human-centric evolution of blockchain explorer technology by shaping the ecosystem based on user input.

Alltoscan API and ATS Token Utility

Alltoscan’s API services cater to individual users, corporate companies, and developers alike. Corporate companies and developers can easily create their products using the API service, with options for a 30-day ATS Token lock instead of a fixed monthly fee. The API PRO service offers additional endpoints, higher rate limits, and prioritized support for power users and commercial solutions.

The ATS token is at the core of the Alltoscan ecosystem. It is used for various purposes, including paying for Alltoscan Pro API plans, rewarding ATS Token stakes for securing the ecosystem, and voting on proposals within the Alltoscan ecosystem. Users who pay for Alltoscan Premium API fees using ATS tokens receive additional discounts.

ATS Token User Fees

Alltoscan introduces a pay-as-you-go model for user fees, ensuring developers do not overpay for annual subscriptions. The cost of individual requests varies based on resource requirements. These fees incentivize independent developers and offer a more cost-effective solution than centralized RPC infrastructure providers.


Alltoscan’s journey from a blockchain explorer service to a critical infrastructure provider for Web3 epitomizes the transformative power of decentralization. By offering multichain tools, API infrastructure, and the utility of the ATS token, Alltoscan is shaping the future of Web3. As the Web3 movement continues to expand, Alltoscan remains committed to providing the essential infrastructure that empowers developers and users, contributing to the growth of a decentralized and interconnected digital world.




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